Retail Category

Today’s Retailers are being faced with tougher Real Estate / Lease Deals and this is putting additional pressure on delivering construction projects in a timing matter. The Architects are given less time to complete design and permit documents and this has carried over to the deal construction time lines for projects. The motto has become “deliver them in less time and at lower cost.”

SMJ understands these demands and we have fostered a company culture that our team (from the office staff to our field personnel) is dedicated to not only meeting, but also exceeding each client’s expectations while maintaining the construction needs that each project presents. SMJ Contracting, Inc.’s philosophy, approach and commitment to each project is the following:

    • Maintain consistent communication with each team member
    • Adhere or exceed the schedule requirements
    • Achieve milestone dates
    • Deliver quality of the highest standards
    • Meet budget requirements

Whether the project involves complex building renovations in an operating location or plans for new ground up construction, SMJ Contracting, Inc. is ready and able to assist you with your general construction needs from pre-construction assistance (prelim. budgeting) to construction – fixturing to turning over the keys so the cash registers can start making you money.